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About seven years ago, my step daughter Carson was having trouble with her math classes. She was in the 5th grade, and my husband and I knew we had to get her help soon or middle school math would really frustrate her. We turned to STEP for help.  The tutor met with Carson once a week for an hour, and she quickly accessed what Carson's strengths and weaknesses were and how she could catch her up to her class. She taught Carson tricks to remember her mulitplication tables, went over homework with her, and taught her how to use fun, interactive computer games that would re-inforce her math skills, among other things. We stayed with her through Carson's middle school years and her first year of high school. Without STEP, Carson would not have had the confidence to tackle her math courses head on.

~ K. Ruth

She will do all she can to help you in any way she can. She's smart, funny, and works great with kids! I'm glad I attended STEP; I learned a lot of great things while enrolled.

~ Quincy Latimore, Philadelphia Pirates